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Audio Delay for professional and Broadcast use


On this page, we outline some of the key features of the MDOUK Broadcast delay, whilst on the operation page, there's a step-by-step guide to working with this professional audio delay.


The user interface

The user interface is simple, clean and clear. The PC screen allows you to see the current system status at all times, with audio meters, delay status and other operational detail laid out in large clear areas. And as you would expect from a broadcast tool like this - it does not require any further attention after it has started doing it's work!

Despite the advanced functionality of the broadcast delay during a show, the operator only ever needs to use two buttons. This makes the system incredibly easy to use - for both DJ/Self-op setups and control room use.
Large meters with peak indicators and dB scale show the input and output (delayed) signal level.
Three easy to use up/down buttons to preset the
delay. During the manual start these displays will
show the current delay.
Big,clearly labeled buttons make it easy to operate the Broadcast delay.


The computer hardware

The Broadcast delay runs on any standard PC. It simply requires a standard sound card - from cheap on-board devices up to high quality professional audio cards. We recommend a good quality sound card as your entire programme output passes through the card whilst the delay is in circuit.

The delayed audio is stored on the computer's harddrive. The table below shows how much free space is required a couple of delay times depending on the samplerate.

Samplerate 1 second 1 minute 1 hour
32000 Hz 128 kB 7.7 MB 461 MB
44100 Hz 177 kB 10.6 MB 635 MB
48000 Hz 192 kB 11.5 MB 692 MB
Required free hard drive space depending on the samplerate

To get the space needed for a 6 minute delay at 32000 Hz just take the 1 minute figure from the table above and multiply this by 6. The figures in the table are calculated for stereo operation - for mono operation only half the space is required.

Your audio is only stored on the harddrive until it is played out. This means that you can leave the Broadcast delay running 24/7 without requiring more free space. The system cleans up after itself - there is no need to manually remove old audio from the system.

Minimum Specifications:

Operating system All Windows versions (2000 or XP recommended)
Processor Minimum Pentium II 400 MHz or faster processor is recommended.

At least 128MB memory.

Hard disk Please check the table above for the required free space.
Sound card Standard Windows compatible sound card. Ask us for sound card recommendations - we sell professional studio quality sound cards to go with the product priced at about £160 ($245 or €250)
Bandwidth 20Hz - 22kHz (dependent on the sound card used).
Delay Up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. This also depends on the amount of free space on the harddisk.


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