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Operating the Broadcast delay...


On this page we will show you that we meant it when we said that the Broadcast Delay is really very easy to use - simpler than a microwave oven and, of course, without the risk of burning your food!

There are two different ways to operate the broadcast delay - one is to preset the required delay and hit 'Start'. The system starts capturing audio immediately and starts playing back the audio with the required delay. This is great for using the broadcast delay as a satellite or network program delay.

The other way allows you to start the playback of the delayed output manually - this is useful if you are using the broadcast delay to cue a live feed with the rest of your programming. Never mind the concert you're broadcasting tonight starts "somewhere around eight" - thanks to the broadcast delay you can ensure that it starts right after the news!

The operation of both modes is illustrated below by means of a couple of simple examples:

Using a preset delay

Say you need to delay one feed for an hour. Perhaps to match up programming across time zones.

Setting the required delay.

Select "Preset delay" mode in the bottom-right corner of the main window.

  The Broadcast delay is setup to use the preset delay.

Set the amount of delay you need using the up/down buttons next to the delay displays. Let's assume for this example that the delay required is one hour.

The up/down buttons are used to set the delay

Starting the broadcast delay.

Now the Broadcast Delay ready to roll. Just click the "Start" button.

  Start the Broadcast Delay with the "Start" button
  At all times the broadcast
delay will show the start time
and the elapsed time

The Broadcast delay will now be capturing the audio. It will display the start time of the capture as well as the time the capture has been running.

The delayed playback starts.

The broadcast delay will automatically start the playback as soon as the correct amount of audio has been captured.
For this example the delayed playback will start exactly one hour after the capture started.

  One hour of program feed has been captured. Now the
playback will start automatically while the capture continues

Of course the broadcast delay will continue to capture the feed while it is playing back the delayed audio.

Stopping the capture and the playback.

The broadcast delay will continue to capture audio and to playback the delayed audio until de stop button is clicked.

  The broadcast delay will continue to capture and to playback until the stop button is clicked.

Before stopping the Broadcast delay will ask you if you are sure about stopping - you may be live on air!

Starting capture and playback manually

For this example we will need to delay one feed in order to synchronise it with the rest of the programme the network broadcasts today. Let's assume that the feed comes in from a concert held somewhere else in the city and that it needs to start directly after the news.

Specifying manual start.

For this scenario the broadcast delay will be setup for "manual start" of the delayed audio feed.

The Broadcast delay is setup for manual start.  

Starting the capture.

It is now eight in the evening and the concert is about to start. The crowd goes wild with anticipation and around three minutes past eight the concert starts. At that moment the "Start delayed capture" button is clicked to start capturing the concert so it can be broadcast right on cue later.

Start capturing the feed with the "Start delayed capture" button.  

While the capture is in progress the Broadcast delay will show the current delay in the delay display. This delay will increase as long as the system is capturing without playing back the captured audio.

The delay display will show the current delay

Starting the playback.

While the concert is being captured we now only have to wait for our cue after the news and start the playback of the concert.
As soon as it is time to broadcast the concert the button "Start Broadcast Playout" is clicked.

Start playing back the captured feed with the "Start Broadcast Playout" button.  

Starting the playback does of course not affect the capturing of the concert. The Broadcast delay will continue to capture the live audio from the concert and playback the delayed broadcast feed.

Stopping the capture and the playback.

To stop the Broadcast delay just click the "stop" button. This will then stop the capturing as well as the playing back of the delayed audio.
A good moment to click this button would be after the broadcast of the concert has completely finished and the output of the Broadcast delay is no longer on air!

To stop the playback and the capturing just click the "stop" button  

Of course the Broadcast delay will check if you are sure before it stops. This gives you a chance to check that you are not stopping your on-air broadcast audio...


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