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The MDOUK Broadcast delay

The MDOUK Broadcast delay is a professional, high quality audio delay that can be used in many situations where you need a quick and flexible solution. You can delay a complete programme for network or satellite broadcast (maybe shifting across geographical timezones). With a single keypress, you can flexibly delay a live feed in order to cue it to fit in with your networks schedule. You can delay audio being used for simulcast programming between TV and radio stations, or use the Broadcast delay to improve synchronization between sound and pictures.

The system offers two different operation modes:

  • Preset delay. Just set the delay and start the system. This mode will provide a fixed audio delay as is generally used for delaying programmes that are distributed over network or satellite. For instance syndicated programs for different time zones.
  • Manual start. In which you start capturing the feed and start playback of the delayed audio completely independent of each other. This can be used to cue an external or live feed with the rest of the network programming.
  • Preset up to 99 hours of delay or record a live feed and start it on your cue!
  • Easy, simple operation.
  • Uses standard professional or consumer sound cards.
  • Runs on a standard Windows PC.
  • Demo version available for download.

The Broadcast Delay is designed to be easy to use whilst still providing a clear and straight-forward at-a-glance system status. The screen shows audio level for both the captured audio and the output (delayed) audio. The big counter at the bottom of the screen allows for an easy setup of the required delay.

In fact you only need to click two buttons to use Broadcast Delau. This makes it simple for studio engineers and even announcers who need to 'self-op'.


A screenshot of The Broadcast delay in action!

The delayed audio is stored on the hard disk of the computer. Due to the clever way the Broadcast delay cleans up after itself the hard disk only needs enough space to hold the total delay. Even if you are running the system for 24/7 with a delay of hours or even days, a standard hard disk will be fine!


MDOUK also manufacturers the popular Arse! profanity delay for windows PCs, which you can find here: This is the most flexible profanity delay solution currently on the market - it like being able to edit your live broadcast!


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